Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns

When it comes to the aesthetic factors of stamped concrete, it would be pretty hard to beat it. This is because stamped concrete offers a large variety of patterns and colors to choose from in addition to the fact that concrete can pretty much be poured in many different shapes. With that said, the number of combinations you can create with stamped concrete is practically unlimited. 

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As this type of material continues to grow to be popular as a fast and economical way to bring an upscale, it becomes a regular option for designers. Additionally, with the growing trend to combine indoor and outdoor living for summertime entertaining, an attractive, party-ready patio is a must. Even with an impressive amount and designs of outdoor patio furnishings, without the proper decorative flooring to pair with it, it would likely all go to waste. 

With this huge freedom in aesthetics, you can choose any combination that would best fit your property. You can get inspiration from the surrounding landscape and terrain as well as the architectural design of your home or other nearby infrastructures. You are free to choose whichever combination of color and patterns would blend with existing stone, tile, or textured concrete elements. 

In fact, you can even choose a mix of patterns and colors to contrast and emphasize certain parts of the property. You can use stamped concrete in order to create the look of brick, slate, flagstone, cobblestone, or other patterns on your concrete patio, driveway, or other surface. With all that said, let’s see which patterns would make outdoor barbecues must more fun and enjoyable.


When it comes to designs for concrete patios, flagstone is one of the most popular styles since stamped concrete can greatly imitate most materials, even flagstone would look like a real stone. Be it a small or larger patio, using flagstone as a pattern for your concrete patio would be possible to be sized in order to fit the space. Apart from that, it could also be custom-colored to enhance the surroundings.

The color you choose will entirely depend on your style. You’re able to choose warm browns, light neutrals, and even multi-colored stones, our concrete contractors work hard with enhancing patios and design standards within the country.

A large part of the project would still depend on your preferences. This would include the sizes of stones. Some would prefer to have larger stones within the design and some would prefer smaller ones. For a more natural flagstone look, homeowners would usually choose a mix of random flagstone sizes along with 3 colors going at random.

Wood Plank

As mentioned, concrete cannot only imitate stone materials but even wood as well. There is no doubt that wood patios and decks are quite the popular option for many homeowners. Stamped concrete can create the real look of wood, while also retaining the durability and other advantages of concrete. Additionally, real wood may be quite inconvenient as it has a tendency to dry out, splinter, discolor, and fall victim to termites and wood rot, while stamped concrete does not.

Our real-life wood plank stamps include smooth finishes, distressed wood, wider planks, stronger graining, reclaimed wood, and textured finishes. It would also likely not cost as much as real hardwood while providing years of service with care-free functionality, something outside wood structures cannot deliver.


When it comes to aesthetics, cobblestone is pretty popular for the atmosphere and ambiance it gives to the surroundings. Such as with other materials, decorative stamped concrete is able to imitate the appearance of the real thing. In addition to the durability, it wouldn’t have the disadvantages that cobblestone has, which is annoying and unappealing weed growth in between stones or shifting stones.

Although grey is the popular color option when it comes to cobblestone designs, with stamped concrete, you can practically choose any color that you would like. There are also premium stains in natural stone colors such as reds, browns, grays, and blues that permeate the surface of the concrete giving it a more natural and realistic appearance.

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