What To Know About Stamped Concrete

The default, plain, grey design that concrete has could be pretty boring. People that aim for a good-looking driveway would probably dislike this. Although that in itself is good enough since it can usually complement any type of design and themes a house or landscape has, there are still many that wish to change their concrete’s plain design. The answer to that is stamped concrete

Before delving deeper, let us first determine what exactly stamped concrete is. When it comes to adding design and aesthetics into concrete, nothing does it better than stamped concrete. These stamped concretes pretty much provide the homeowner with a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from, making them popular for beautifying or enhancing the looks of patios, pool decks, driveways, and more. 

Is stamped concrete hard to maintain?

Stamped concrete still retains the great benefits that come from normal concrete, these include being durable and long-lasting paving materials available while also requiring less maintenance compared to some other alternative materials that it regularly replaces. All that it requires is some regular maintenance of cleaning of the stamped concrete as well as having resealing done every 2 to 3 years on average.

You should also know that some basic cleaning with a garden hose or pressure washer, some mild detergent, and a push broom are all that you would need before resealing. Although resealers and color hardeners are usually only applied once every few years, it is still a great idea to remove any of the oil, grease, and other spills immediately after notice, or else, it would be a pain to deal with in the future.

What should I look for in stamped concrete?

When it comes to stamped concrete, it is essentially simply normal concrete with some color, pattern, and/or texture added to them. With this, it should be able to resemble the appearance and design of other materials such as brick, stone, tile, or perhaps even wood. People also often see stamped concrete to be a cost-effective option when it comes to design. In most cases, the raw material is harder to maintain and more expensive.

The appearance of stamped concrete ultimately depends on your preferences. Concrete can be poured in a lot of different shapes, and by getting it stamped, you can make some of the best combinations fitting to your property’s designs. Stamps can be applied vertically as well as horizontally, which makes them good for much more than flooring. 

In fact, a popular option that people often do is stamp the concrete basement floor to make it look like wood. As concrete is also durable and can resemble practically any material, some also use it on their kitchen and stamp it to look like tiles.

Is stamped concrete worth the money?

People would often not find it much necessary, but stamped concrete is actually an excellent choice for homeowners that desires a high-end, wonderful design without spending much money or going over their initial budget. Stamped concrete proves to be quite useful in imitating the appearance of many luxury paving materials, including natural stone, wood, and brick, and concrete companies have the ability to create these.

For a more practical answer, this addition with the curb appeal resulting from the stamped concrete adds value to the property, making it a worthy investment that would maximize the return on your investment.

How long does colored stamped concrete last?

A properly installed and maintained stamped concrete has a life expectancy of 25 years. The stamped concrete design and color can also last longer than traditional concrete because of the sealer used to protect the decorative surface. 

Finding a good stamped concrete company 

It could be difficult to find yourself a trustworthy concrete contractor that also provides great service, however, our concrete contractors are professionals. We have experience and have been dealing with such work for years. With that said, we can confidently say that we would be able to provide you with the best quality work and customer service.